December 2, 2011

Electric Ovens Stoves

Electric Ovens Stoves

Traditional electric cooktops with electric coils are the least expensive cooktop option. Coil burners heat up slowly, change temperature slowly, and cool slowly, continuing to cook food even after the burner is turned off. Traditionally electric burners have lagged their gas counterparts in heat control, though manufacturers are quickly changing that with improved response and control features for electric cooktops.

Today, the most popular style of electric cooktop is the ceramic-glass “smoothtop.”

Glass and ceramic are processed and tempered to conduct heat from the element through the stove top into the pot. While glassceramic is a mechanically strong material and can sustain repeated and quick temperature changes, it has a very low heat conduction coefficient and unlike metal cooktops, glass tops generate heat only at the element site, so surrounding areas remain cool to the touch.

Until recently, the elements used under the glass tops were similar to coil-type burners. Advances in technology have significantly upped the opportunity to use more convenient, energy-efficient heat sources, with glass stove tops now utilizing one of three sources of heat: radiant ribbon, quartz halogen or magnetic induction. Radiant ribbon is similar to the standard coils in regular stove tops and while having the same mass as an electric burner has considerably more surface area, which means it heats up faster and more efficiently coming to full temperature in as little as five seconds. Radiant ribbon can be used as the sole source of heat or combined with the quartz halogen or the magnetic induction elements. Quartz halogen is the quickest to heat up but the longest to cool off. Magnetic induction is the most energy-efficient heat source.


Food is the main fuel for humanity to run. Without food, we cannot survive and thus it had been the reason for wars, object of studies, and an art to create for thousands of years. Humans started to cook their food after they found out that fire can actually prolong the edibility of their food and after a while they found that adding condiments on their food can be very rewarding. After thousands of years of refining, Thermador cooktop is now providing the means to cook the very foundation of our survivability. It is only natural that the Thermador Company worked so hard in creating the best cooktop year after year, as our kitchen appliances are just as important as our working tools.

Electrical Thermador cooktop is a fine piece of art, they are clean, not messy when used and can provide great heat without any visible fire. This would reduce the danger of gas explosion or any hazard that may come from using gas cooktops. The main problem with electric cooktops is that it is a very expensive thing to run. It needs a lot of electricity to use. Even today, we cannot adjust the temperature quick enough to fit our needs on an electric cooktop. This poses problems to people who like cooking sophisticated food that needs mastery in temperature control and people who doesn’t like to pay expensive electricity bills.

If your Thermador oven is have any of the following problems, it is time to call us:

  • Any digital malfunction
  • Pan sensors don’t “read” pots or pans
  • Seal on Thermador oven door has worn out allowing heat to escape
  • Self-cleaning function has stopped working
  • Your oven ticks when not in use
  • Your Thermador oven heats irregularly
  • The thermostat does not calibrate heat accurately
  • Pilot light randomly extinguishes itself
  • The oven timer no longer works
  • The timer doesn’t shut off properly

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