What to Expect


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Professional Thermador repair: what to expect

A highly skilled, professional, and courteous repair technician
red circle bulletFriendly service with a smile
red circle bulletFREE diagnosis with any repair*A complete diagnosis of the problem
red circle bulletA written estimate detailing which part(s) will need to be replaced and exactly how much the repair will cost
red circle bulletCustomer approval in writing before any repair is commencedred circle bulletIf you have your technician complete any repair, the $65.00 diagnosis is FREE*! You pay only for the cost off the
repair quoted in your estimate.red circle bulletIf you decide not to have your appliance repaired, you pay only the low service call fee previously quoted for the
trip to your home and the written estimate. Now that’s a fair deal!*Applies to non-commercial appliances only.We have found that the average repair is much less than the cost of a new appliance. The cost of your individual repair will depend on the nature of the repair and the parts needed to bring your appliance back to life.
A friendly StarTech representative will listen carefully to your problem and
will gather pertinent information about your broken Thermador appliance.This ensures that the technician is well informed of your problem before arrival.We will schedule an appointment time with a repair technician that is
convenient for your schedule.
As a courtesy, we will call you when a technician is on the way.

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 Warranty policies are one of the most important factors for any company.We understand that having a reliable company that stands behind their work is extremely important for our clients. That is why when we do any work on your appliances the service comes with the following warranties:Our work is guaranteed for one full year. During this time if you experience the same problem we will come back and fix it without any additional charge.All work is done on your premises
All the parts we use are brand new and are covered with the manufacturer’s warranty.
Satisfaction guarantee. If for some reason you are not satisfied with our service, we will do our best to resolve the issue and bring you satisfaction.
Our technicians are experienced and professionally trained for Thermador appliance repair.
Our technicians repair ALL Thermador appliances types, models and ages.
Old parts we remove from your machine are always yours to keep.




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